Blog Post #2

Last week I was able to perform one interview with Vivian, an international student from Brazil. This experience helped me improve my questions for future interviews and better shape what I want my documentary to be about.
I also learned a lot about equipment and lighting. I decided not to use the NX100 to film my documentary and not do a white background for interviews because this is be very boring. I will have to make some changes now and reshoot this interview, but it was a great learning lesson for me.


Blog Post #1

I decided to do a documentary on international students at Brigham Young University. I will focus on how they differ from the other students because of cultural differences and extra challenges.
Right now I am to the point that I have the title of the documentary, the proposal, and the style I want to shoot. The title of my documentary is “Divided.” I will do interviews and observational footage of their routine.
I am currently doing research on who I will interview. I am looking for four students, one from Brazil, one from Europe, one from Africa, and one from Asia.

I will introduce BYU-I as a religious institution because this is a strong reason why people come here instead of getting an education in their own countries. I will use that educational background to show statistics such as the number of international students that attend every semester.